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Hey There!

About Brian Brant

If you're wondering, the guy on the left is me. I'm Brian and I'm a photographer from Somerset, Pennsylvaina. I'm proud of my accomplishments - everything from raising two wonderful daughters, covering countless weddings to living a dream of being on the sidelines at Heinz Field covering several Pittsburgh Steeler games. If you see me when I'm out and about, whether at the store or on the sidelines, please stop and say hello!

Cheers, Brian


What To Look For In A Photographer

For any event, you want to be sure you hire the right person for the job. Someone who knows what they're doing and willing to go above and beyond to deliver their best. Anyone can get a camera and take photos but do they know about lighting or have the gear to make your photos as special as they should? I genuinely care about my clients and try to exceed their needs. I have the gear and do what I can to give you the best possible quiality - from my time to your photos. I promise to deliver nothing but my best for you.

On photo sessions, I usually have an assistant with me to help be a second set of eyes. For weddings, I always have an assistant/second shoooter to give you quality coverage and the most memorable photos.

I always bring extra gear such as multiple cameras, lights and all the little things that make your session or wedding successful. Simply put, I'd rather come overprepared than underprepared.

Contact Information

469 Wills Church Road
Somerset, PA 15501
Phone: 814-525-1487

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